“Legitimacy Reassurance”, “Reliable Booking” and “Heart-Warming Service ” Taiwanstay.net.tw Online Booking Platform is Officially Launched!


The local brand OTA “Taiwanstay.net.tw Online Booking Platform” promoted and established by the Tourism Bureau of MOTC is officially launched to promote smart tourism, cater to the world trends, and be in line with international standards! Minister Lin Chia-Lungof MOTC said at a press conference today that, in view of changes in self-guided travel and consumption patterns, consumers arealready highly dependent on booking platforms, whereas, for collaborations and marketing on domestic and overseas OTAs, the travel and lodging industry partners would have to pay nearly 20% high platform listing fees, greatly reducing travel and lodging industry players’ operating profit. In order to watch over legitimate travel and lodging industry, the Tourism Bureau was asked to transform Taiwanstay.net.tw and promote the construction of a ” Taiwanstay.net.tw Booking Platform” for local brands, to actively assist the travel and lodging industry to expand its customer base and enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s tourism market.

At present, there are more than 12,000 travel and lodging players in Taiwan, with more than 230,000 guest rooms. The online booking function of the Taiwanstay.net.tw will provide legitimate operators using this tool to transform their marketing methods and reach more consumers online, further establishing the travel and lodging industry’s own brands and customer loyalty. The Tourism Bureau stated that this platform is non-profit and is provided to legitimate travel and lodging operations for the creation of new marketing channels. In the future, domestic and foreign travelers can use the “Taiwanstay.net.tw Online Booking Platform”, similar to foreign OTAs, so hotels or guesthouses that meet the requirements can be searched online. Legitimate operators are very welcome to apply and join.

In addition, Minister Lin also stated that, the safety assurance of consumer accommodation has always been the government’s foremost focus. Some OTA booking platforms include accommodation information published by illegal operators, resulting in many circumstances that affect the safety of consumers. In order to protect legitimate operators’ right and consumers’ interests, aside from launching booking function, the Tourism Bureau has also designed a “Legitimate Travel and Lodging Certification” to make it easier for consumers to identify legitimate travel and lodging operators, and further choose legitimate travel and lodging accommodations to ensure their accommodation rights.

The Director-General of the Tourism Bureau,Chou, Yung-Huistated that, he will use Taiwanstay.net.tw as the core to assist all legitimate travel and lodging companies to market and work together, continue to develop multi-language services, lead the industry to expand into the international market, increase business opportunities, and become the highest quality, safety-assuring and best legitimate travel and lodging service platform for domestic and foreign tourists;in conjunction with the “Legitimate Travel and Lodging Certification, the travelers’ accommodation safety is assured. Through various domestic and overseas marketing channels and requesting the Tourism Bureau’s overseas offices to strengthen marketing and publicity, the business opportunities and revenues for the legitimate travel and lodging operators will be enhanced. In the future, as long as consumers connect to the Taiwanstay.net.tw, they will have access to “all of Taiwan’stravel and lodging with one click”, with the complete services of“Legitimacy Reassurance”, “Reliable Booking” and “Heart-Warming Service”.