Taiwan Tourism SpokespersonOk Taec-Yeon –A Glance at Making-of Promotional Video


The Tourism Bureau of MOTC specially invited a member of Korean idol group 2PM Ok Taec-Yeon to come to Taiwan for shooting of Korean promotional videos. Special attractions and sincere hospitality were fused into the micro-movies, and the making-of was broad cased in Taiwan and South Korea simultaneously.Taiwan’s most heart-warming local travel charm was shared with Korean fans through Ok Taec-Yeon’s travel footsteps and visiting Taiwan in person, feeling the beauty of Taiwan!

The shooting spots were jointly surveyed by Taiwanese and Korean directors. They chose the well-known areas in northern and central Taiwan,which are full of Taiwan’s travel charms. They are also unique private scenic spots other than the places that the Koreans have seen and known in the past.

During the filming period, Ok Taec-Yeonalso shared making-of filming on his IG, Twitter and YouTube, attracting fans to preempt discussions. The official making-ofis to be co-promoted by Taiwanese and Korean parties. The star-chasing locations include the Twin Lion Beach in Waiao, Sun Moon Lake bikepath, Nanya Rock Formations, Yehliu Geopark, Sun Moon Lake Restaurant, Checheng Station, Rainbow Village, Old Caoling Tunnel, Yinhe Cave, Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Wharf and Fengjia Night Market, etc.