Fun Play with Urban Creativity! 2019 Creative Taichung Lively Launched


A city of dreams and creativity! Taichung Creative Design Show and Performance Event “Creative Taichung” interprets creative life through different themes each year, providing various life-like experiences and sensory enjoyments. This year’s event is centered on “BETTER TOMORROW”, bringing together nearly a hundred designers to convey a better tomorrow through curation, outdoor installations and lectures. From now until October 6th, we will be in Shen Ji New Village and Fantasy Story Green Ray. Welcome to join us and knock open the gate of city dreams!

Shi Chun-Fu, the Deputy Director-General of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government, said that Taichung has infinite creativity. Mayor Lu Xiu-Yan values the cultural and creative industries very much.While upholding the concepts of cultural and creative creation, platform building, grounding, and cultural wealth, local creative entrepreneurs will continue to be supported for the construction of a wealthy Taichung with new good life. Friends from all over the world are welcome to join this grand event.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, this year’s “Creative Taichung” combines Taichung’s cultural and creative clusters-Shen Ji New Village and Fantasy Story Green Ray, planning 11 creative theme exhibition spaces for “Opening Rooms to See Creativity”. With the theme of “BETTER TOMORROW”, the sea, mountain and Tun expressions of Taichung are presented from the sea level to an altitude of 3886 meters,signifying a perfect integration of Taichung’s industry, technology and cultural creativity, bringing a better tomorrow for everyone.

The 11 exhibition spaces are “Taichung is more natural”, “Taichung has better shopping”, “Taichung is more artistic”, “Taichung is more creative “, “Taichung is friendlier”, “Taichung is happier”, “Taichung is more colorful”, “Taichung is more flavorful”, “Taichung is more fun”, “Taichung is more international”, “Taichung is more Taichung”.

The event will run a series of wonderful exhibitions and performance for 16 days starting from now to October 6th. In addition to exhibitions and performances, the master of aesthetics economics Zhan Wei-Xiong, illustrators A-Jiao, Liao Shu-Chang, Xiao Ming-Yu, Zhong Jun-Yan, and Wu Zong-Ying were also invited to host design and networking lectures. On the holidays, there are also other activities such as a parent-child fun market, a string alley movie theater, and DIY experience, etc. Relevant information is available on the website of the Municipal Cultural Affairs Bureau ( and Facebook page”Creative Taichung” (