• 2022

    2022.09.12 President over Ceremony and Fellowship Party of Central District Construction Research Association

    2022.09.08 China International Step Dance Carnival press conference

    2022.09.01 The 8th Taiwan Tourism Development Forum

    2022.08.31 Travel and Host Industry Taichung Shopping Festival Cooperation Discussion Meeting

    2022.08.25 2022 Taiwan China Shopping Festival activity Investment briefing

    2022.08.16 To find the rural style, Zhongmiao rural innovative tourism commodity media meeting

    2022.08.10 2022 medium good sweet run press conference

    2022.07.29 The First Regular Meeting of Taichung Municipal Government Tourism Committee

    2022.07.11 Taiwan City Lehuo Joint accommodation voucher press conference

    2022.07.06 2022 China International Convention and Exhibition Center

    2022.07.04 Master data governance, create a new era of Taichung tourism symposium

    2022.06.30, the focus consensus meeting

    2022.06.20 “2022 Valley Guam Seven male Slow Travel to Taiwan” new system held a press conference

    2022.03.09 111 Annual Domestic Tourism Exhibition Public Association will jointly participate in the exhibition presentation

    2022.03.04 111 Annual Taichung Shopping Festival and Travel and Host Industry Research and Business Cooperation Conference

    2022.01.22 Go Live in Taiwan, press conference

    2022.01.18 2022 Lantern Festival in Taiwan, press conference

  • 2021

    2021.12.10 Oh~ fun tour station! Oh Bear x Taiwan China Story Tour card press conference

    2021.12.02 The 7th Taiwan Tourism Development Forum-Dancing with the epidemic

    The second research and business meeting of the “Taichung Jazz Festival” in response to the epidemic

    2021.05.07 2021 The press conference

    2021.04.15 World Table-Famous Chef Summit event press conference

    2021.04.18 “2021 Live in Taichung” holiday project activity press conference

    2021.04.07 Taiwan China Municipal Government and KLOOK signed a memorandum of cooperation press conference and product cooperation and development briefing

    2021.03.30 “2021 Holiday in Taichung” activity briefing

    2021.03.25 How to coordinate water resources to assist the hotel industry through the water shortage crisis meeting

    2021.03.25 Taichung City Leju Tourism Industry Alliance Association Spring Wine

    2021.03.18 CMRT and Travel Industry Joint Marketing and Research Conference

  • 2020

    2020.12.29 The second review committee meeting of “Taichung City Tourism and dormitory Industry Classification Management Trial Office Plan”

    26 109, Taichung City Hotel Low carbon Certification certification ceremony

    2020.12.11, Taichung Municipal Government Tourism Committee, Taichung Tourism Optimization and Transformation Forum

    2020.11.12 Founding Conference of Zhongzhang Regional Tourism Alliance

    2020.11.09 2020 Taiwan China International Flower Carpet Festival Alice’s Flower Land Adventure press conference

    2020.10.22 2020 China International Dance Carnival announced the press conference

    2020.10.14 China-Taiwan Tourism Development Forum and Certification Ceremony

    2020.10.12 “Taichung City Government Tourism Bureau 109 Taichung City safe tourism preferred Taichung” & “Taichung City Government Tourism Bureau 109 Taichung City safe tourism free travel passenger accommodation preferential verification Instructions”

    2020.10.08 “Day study in Taiwan, experience the heart charm” seven counties and cities jointly launched a press conference

    2020.09.30 “Trial Plan of Taichung Tourism dormitory Industry Classification Management”

    2020.09.10 Taiwan Tourism Development Forum

    2020.08.26 China MRT Marketing Publicity and Research Conference

    2020.08.25 Pick Xingtai China Michelin Food Trip Symposium

    2020.08.14 “Symposium of Zhongtai Regional Tourism Association”

    2020.07.25 Taichung City Industry Story Hall Development Association announced the press conference

    The 1st Congress of Taiwan Tourism Promotion Alliance 109

    2020.07.16 “Taichung Shopping Competition Tour special car” publicity press conference

    The 17 109, Taichung Shopping Festival combined with central Revitalization vouchers to promote tourism Research and Business Conference


    2020.03.13 The Ministry of Communications will assist in the transformation training session on tourism-related industries affected by the major epidemic

    2020.03.10 “Taichung City Tourism and dormitory Industry Classification Management Plan” draft Research and Business Conference

    2020.03.09 The China-Taiwan (Taichung / Nantou / Changhua / Miaoli) Tourism Promotion Alliance established a research and business conference and a press conference

    2020.02.18 Tourism industry “Consultation to reduce working hours due to the epidemic and the economic impact” research and business meeting

    2020.01.17 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival Tour Competition award and sightseeing promotion press conference

    2020.01.09 Visit Zhang Fengyuan, director of the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung Municipal Government

    2020.01.06 109 Taichung Shopping Festival Tourism and Tourism Industry Cooperation research Conference

  • 2019

    2019.11.30-”Relax Taichung Infinite Wonder” Taichung City Tourism Industry Marketing Campaign (Taipei)
    2019.11.25- [2019 Mountaineering Fun on Seven Heroes of Guguan · Mountain Travel in Taichung] Press Conference
    2019.11.23- ” Relax Taichung Infinite Wonder ” Taichung City Tourism Industry Marketing Campaign (Kaohsiung)
    2019.11.22-2019 Small TownWandering -Mountain City LeisurelyTour Experience of the Heart EventOpening Ceremony
    2019.11.19-Taichung City Tourist Hotel Association –Travel &Tea in Taichung Event Announcement Press Conference
    2019.11.14-Taichung International Tourism Association Autumn-Winter Micro Tour Greater Taichung Affiliate Marketing Press Conference
    2019.10.23-[2019 Taichung International Dance Carnival]Press Conference
    2019.10.09-[2019 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival] Opening Ceremony
    2019.10.05-[2019 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival] Press Conference
    2019.09.25-Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association 1st and 2nd Chairman Handover and Certification Mark Presentation Ceremony
    2019.09.05-The5th Taiwan Tourism Forum
    2019.08.20-” Autumn and Winter National Tourism Promotion Incentive Program” Self-GuidedTraveler Accommodation Preferential System and Second-Generation Taiwanstay.net.twOnline Booking System Education & Training
    2019.08.04-Tourism and Travel Bureau of Taichung City Government and Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration SignedMemorandum of TourismCooperation
    Taichung Country Travel Agency Association, Taichung Tourist Hotel Association, Taichung Hotel Association and Shanghai Tourism Trade Association SignedMemorandum of Cooperation (August 4-August 7, Total 4 days)
    2019.08.01-Taiwan Hot SpringsFestivalPress Conference
    2019.07.05-Central Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Industry Alliance_CreativitySparks New Momentum for Convention and Exhibition Industry Networking and Share Event
    2019.07.03-July 2019 ~ February 2020 Major Event Tourism Calendar Briefing Session
    2019.07.05-Creativity Sparks New Momentum for Convention and Exhibition IndustryNetworking and Share Event
    2019.07.01-[2019 Taichung Pearl Milk Tea Festival-Great Tea and Delicious Cakes] Press Conference
    2019.06.13-Ningbo-Taichung Tourist Source Cooperation Agreement
    2019.06.01-Tourism Industry‘s Challenges and Opportunities for Taiwan’s Economic Development Forum
    2019.04.26-2019 The 19th Taichung International Travel Fair Opening Press Conference and Ribbon Cutting Event
    2019.04.24-Taichung World Flora Exposition Closing Ceremony
    2019.04.21-Mainland China Travel AgencyTrade Missionto Central Taiwan Networking Dinner Gala
    2019.04.16-2019 Hong Kong International Travel Expo Group Participation Coordination Meeting
    2019.03.23-Shuinan International Convention and Exhibition Center- New Construction Groundbreaking Ceremony
    2019.03.14-Taichung’s1st Shopping Festival Press Conference
    2019.03.13-Research and Negotiation Meetingfor the Implementation of Spring Festival Tourism Project by Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications
    2019.03.08-Taichung’s 1st Shopping Festival Press Conference and Travel & Accommodation Industry Collaboration, Research and Negotiation Conference
    2019.01.24-GourmetFood for Chinese New Year and Invite Travel Companions to Stay in Taichung Press Conference

  • 2018

    2018.12.24 – Member Hotels’ Invoice Box Donation to Taichung Children’s Nursing Home
    2018.12.19 – VisitLIHPAO Resort
    2018.12.13 – Taiwan Visitors Association Donors Annual Meeting & 62nd Anniversary Tea Party
    2018.11.09 – 2018 Taichung International Dance &Parade Festival (November 9 ~ November 11, Total 3 days)
    2018.11.07 – “2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition City X Brand Marketing Press Conference ”
    2018.11.03 – 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition Opening Gala
    2018.11.02 – Signing Ceremony of “Friendship City Agreement Between Taichung City and Tottori Prefecture, Japan”
    2018.10.19 – 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition Park Guided TourScouting
    2018.10.12 – Taichung International Dance Parade &Festival Opening Press Conference
    2018.09.09 – Taichung Tourist Hotel Association2018Charity Event Press Conference
    2018.08.16 – 2018 Happy Tea Time in Taichung Association Alliance Annual Briefing Session
    2018.08.07 – 2018 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition -Glamourous Taichung Pavilion “100 Farmers 100 Chefs 100 Banquets” Promotion Press Conference
    2018.07.23 – The 14th 8th Joint Meeting of Directors and Supervisors
    2018.07.20 – Central Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Industry Alliance Founding Conference andNetworking Forum
    2018.07.15 – World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Welcome Dinner Gala Hosted by Taichung City Government
    2018.06.01 – The 11th Taiwan-Japan Tourism Summit Forum
    2018.05.29 – Signing Ceremony of “Friendship City Memorandum of Cooperation BetweenTaichung City and Yamagata Prefecture, Japan“
    2018.05.23 – Blossom in Taichung Flora ExpoThemed Jet and Aircraft Cabin Launch Conference
    2018.04.26 – Networking Dinner Gala for Bangkok ThailandEconomic and Cultural Office’s Missionto Taiwanese Religion and Culture
    2018.04.13 – Penghu, Taichung, and Hualien BayTourism Affiliate Marketing Press conference
    2018.04.03 – In-and-out Taichung One-City Multi-Stop Press Conference
    2018.03.30 – Chubu Centrair International Airport of JapanTourism Promotion (March 30 ~ April 3, Total 5 days)
    2018.03.27 – The 2nd“Taichung Art City 2018” Opening Press Conference
    2018.03.27 – Future DevelopmentResearch and Positioning Conference forTourist Hotel Industry
    2018.01.08 – Central Japan Tourism Promotion and Marketing Preliminary Meeting

  • 2017

    2017.05.20 – Exchange tea party between travel agents from Taichung and Indonesia
    2017.05.12 – Korean dealers visiting Taichung City
    2017.05.02 –National Taichung Theater – Press conference for Death Note the Musical
    2017.04.26 – National Taichung Theater – Press conference for Come Watch Musicals in Taichung for Summer
    2017.04.18 – Explanation Session forNational Taichung Theater Tourism Related Industrial Collaboration Proposal
    2017.04.06 –Taichung International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport became sister airports
    2017.03.15 –Central region seminar (first time) for “Foresight Planning Group”
    2017.02.21 –Visit from GeroOnsen of Japan (2/21-24, a total of 4 days)
    2017.02.13 –Tourism promotion for Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam (2/13-2/16, a total of 4 days)
    2017.02.10 – Ceremony + lunch banquet for friendly communication treaty signed by Taichung City and Mie Prefecture of Japan
    2017.02.09 – Celebration for 2017 Tourism Festival
    2017.01.25 – Visiting director general Ho-Ting Huang of Labor Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government
    2017.01.19 –The 14th and the 3rd supervisors meeting
    2017.01.18 – Press conference for 2017 Taichung Lantern Festival
    2017.01.16 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau’s “Taste of Happiness” promotional seminar in Hong Kong (1/16-1/17, a total of 2 days)
    2017.01.13 – Exchange event meeting for Tokyu Group of Japan
    2017.01.12 – Exchange night banquet for Nagano Prefecture and Komagane of Japan
    2017.01.12 –Closing ceremony for association’s language learning camp (Korean), second session
    2017.01.10 – Closing ceremony for association’s language learning camp (Korean), first session

  • 2016

    2016.12.21 –Press conference for filming promotion grand alliance of Taichung City
    2016.12.15 –Press conference for Taichung Afternoon Tea Life Festival
    2016.12.13 – Press conference for 2016 Flower Carpet Festival – Taichung City Government
    2016.12.12 –Central Taiwan Tourism Promotion Committee performance presentation and gathering
    2016.11.30 – Central Taiwan innovative experience travel tourism forum
    2016.11.17 – The 31st Taiwan-Korea Tourism Exchange Meeting 2016/11/17~18
    2016.11.15 – Indonesian dealers exchange meeting – The Grand Hotel Taipei
    2016.10.24 – The 14th and the 2nd supervisors meeting
    2016.10.18 – Vietnamese Promotion Seminar + Gathering
    2016.10.18 –Visit National Taichung Theater
    2016.10.06 –Feast for cycling team from Nakatsu, Ōita Prefecture of Japan
    2016.09.30 –Opening ceremony for National Taichung Theater
    2016.09.24 – 2016 Healthy Alliance LOHAS Taichung and the Walk to End Women’s Cancer
    2016.09.21 –2016 “Have Fun with Taichung Pass – Buy One Get One Free” promotional seminar in Hong Kong – 9/21-9/22
    2016.09.20 –Contract-signing ceremony for MITSUI OUTLET PARK at Port of Taichung
    2016.09.19 – Explanation session for 2016 Central Taiwan Pass collaborating dealers
    2016.09.15 – Taichung International Dance Parade & Festival
    2016.09.15 – Mandarin Airlines, maiden voyage for Taichung- Ōita, Japan
    2016.09.08 – 2016 Taiwan Tourism Forum – Freshfields
    2016.08.30 –“Signing ceremony for Hot Spring Friendly Exchange Collaboration Agreement” between Taichung Hotel Association and Beppu Tourism Association from Ōita Prefecture of Japan
    2016.08.30 – Press conference for activation of “2016 Taichung Hot Spring Festival”
    2016.08.29 – Press conference for the 1st Taichung International Dance Parade & Festival event in 2016
    20016.08.19 –“Amendment draft meeting for items to be documented and not to be documented in the finalized contract for direct room reservation by individual travelers for the tourist hotel industry and hotel industry as well as B&B” – 14:00
    2016.08.17 –11 Chinese travel agencies from Malaysia came to Central Taiwan for exploration
    2016.07.01 – The 14th chairman – Kuo-Hung Liao assumes office
    2016.04.09 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau goes to Singapore and Malaysia for tourism promotion
    2016.03.29 –Contract-signing ceremony for members of Taichung City Tourist Hotel Association and members of Shoryudo Hotel in Central Japan
    2016.03.28 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau goes to Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture and Komagane, Nagano Prefecture of Japan to promote tourism
    2016.03.02 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau goes to Hong Kong to promote tourism and attend promotion seminar

  • 2015

    2015.12.17 –“Enter & Exit via Central Taiwan – Have Fun in Central Taiwan” – Central Taiwan tourism collaboration performance and joint marketing promotion seminar
    2015.08.25 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau goes to Ōita Prefecture and Nagoya for tourism promotion, signing of travel exchange MOU
    2016.08.22 – 2016 Taichung City people organizations cloud program operation computer course
    2015.07.21 –Culinary skills exchange between Taichung City and Jiangsu – Cuisines presented by famous chef from Huaiyang
    2015.07.17~07.20 – 2015 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition (exhibitor)
    2015.07.17 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau – Korea Hana Tour travel fair tourism promotion group
    2015.04.08~04.11 – Taichung City Tourism Bureau – marketing promotional group to Seoul, Korea
    2015.02.27~03.15 – Taiwan Lantern Festival

  • 2014

    2014.10.18~11.18 – Taichung Jazz Festival

  • 2013

    2013.07.07 – Reappointment for the 13thchairman, Chun-Lin Chai
    2013.05.01~06.30 – GO Taichung Festival
    2013.03.05 – Opening ceremony for Millennium Hotels and Resorts
    2013.02.17 –Promotional enterprise-establishing seminar for Taiwan tours in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China

  • 2012

    2012.08.20~12.15 – Taiwanese Group Meals Contest Event
    2012.07.13~08.26 – Promotional marketing events for Calligraphy Greenway and peripheral areas
    2012.05.25~05.28 – Taipei Tourism Exposition
    2012.05.10 –Travel resources and industry promotional seminar in Dabie Mountains, Huanggang City, Hubei province, China
    2012.03.23~04.29 – Mazu Cultural Exposition

  • Honorary Director

    13th term of office   Chun-Lin  Chai

    12th term of office   Chun-Lin  Chai

    11th term of office   Yu-Sheng  Hu

    10th term of office   Li-Nung  Zheng

    9th term of office     James  Liu

    8th term of office     James  Liu

    7th term of office     He-Tian   Wu

    1st term of office      Rong-Yu  Zhang