Minister Lin of MOTC Surveyed Houli Venue for 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival Encouraged All Parties to Go All Out Setting Up the Lantern Festival


To understand the preparation progress of “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival”, Minister of MOTC Lin Chia-Lung, Legislator Hung Tzu-yung, Deputy Director-General of the Tourism Bureau of MOTC Chou Ting-Zhang, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City Yang Qiong-Ying, and Secretary-General of Taichung City Government Chen Ru-Chang went to Houli Huabo Flora Expo Park at 3:30 pm today (16th), to attend the briefing and survey the site. The joint effort among central and local governments are expected to create the most dazzling and glittering international event – Taiwan Lantern Festival.

“2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival” will be held in Taichung City from Saturday, February 8th to Sunday, 23th, 2020. The main lantern area is schedules to be officially lit up in Houli Flora Expo Park in Taichung City. The original exhibition area in Taichung World Flora Expo is re-designed by incorporating the local characteristics into the festival venue. The design imagery for the main lantern area is “Fantastic Forest Land” and it is showcased in the form of 5-petal led flowers.The lantern area is full of distinctive features, and the exhibition funding for each lantern area is about NT$ 150 million. A subsidy and shared funding of NT$ 18 million is provided to Taichung City Government. In addition, relevant units will be invited to review transportation and shuttle bus program, and the subsidies will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a total invested funding of nearly NT$ 200 million. The main organizers, Tourism Bureau of MOTC and the Taichung City Government have started planning lantern festival related matter sand related work,so intensive preparations are underway.

The Tourism Bureau of MOTC stated that, “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival” combines the local forest environment with rays of rising sun, and takes on the theme of “Dazzling Taichung Under Rays of Rising Sun” as a symbol to light up Taiwan through the Taiwan Lantern Festival, while welcoming the arrival of visitors. An ecologically sustainable festival is thus created and will bring visitors more surprising feasts at the “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival”!

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be officially lit up on Saturday, February 8th, on the very day of Lantern Festival. In order to respond to environmental protection and energy conversation, it is recommended that visitors make the best use of high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway and public transportation’s to enjoy the lanterns with peace of mind, avoiding the pain of being stuck in traffic jams, and enjoy a colorful and exciting to be expected Lantern Festival!