Handcrafted Creative Art and Culture Re-Shaped Taiwan Attracting a New Peak of Japanese Tourists to Taiwan


This year (2019), from January to August, the number of Japanese visitors to Taiwan has grown steadily every month. In the first three quarters, the number of visitors has exceeded 1.3 million. In order to increase the momentum, the Tourism Bureau of MOTC has commissioned the Taiwan Visitors Association to form a group to go to Osaka and participate in the Tourism Expo Japan, from October 24 to 27. Before the group goes to Osaka, a major industrial city with convenient transportation’s and many direct lights to Taiwan, Nagoya City, is selected to hold the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Fair on October 21 stand “One day in Taiwan” media promotion event on October 22nd. Taiwan tourism resources is branded with theme-specific travel concepts, incorporating with the planning to experience Taiwan small towns with local flavors, connecting with Japanese people with hand felt warmth, aiming to attract local consumers who haven’t visited Taiwan to hurry up and start their journeys.Those who have been to Taiwan would be enticed to visit again and feel the friendly, passionate and diverse charms of Taiwan.

This promotion eventisco-participated and co-promoted by more than 50 organizations, includingZheng Zhi-Hong, Deputy Leader of the International Affairs Division of the Tourism Bureau of MOTC, the Hakka Affairs Council, Council of Indigenous Peoples, Governments of Keelung City, New Taipei City,Changhua County, Nantou County, Kaohsiung City, Yilan County and related public associations, hotels, and tourism related industries, with tourism resources from all parts of Taiwan.In the promotion fair held in Nagoya on October 21, in addition to organizing business meetings among Taiwanese and Japanese operators and introducing Taiwan’s tourism resources, the Japanese travel writer Konomi Yanagisawa is also invited to share the topic of “Departing from Taipei” to provide Japanese participants with incentives and inspiration to create new travel products. On October 22nd, “One day in Taiwan” promotion event was held.In conjunction with the most popular ” pearl fever” boom in Japan, by ways of alimited number of registrations, local media and the public were invited to experience hand-making pearls, Meinong oil-paper umbrellas, and indigenous Katalataglass bead bracelets from Sandimen Township; in the afternoon session, the travel columnist Konomi Yanagisawa and the new-generation handsome actor Matsuzaki, who is familiar with Taiwan, were present to share Taiwan travel information. Taiwan ’s most creative culture + handcraft styles were blown into Nagoya. The charm of Taiwan’s tourism was shared from the perspective of young Japanese people to attract younger groups.

Nagoya is Japan’s fourth largest city as well as an important industrial and cultural town. Nagoya’s passport holding ratio and income are relatively the highest in the Tokairegion. There are also many direct flights between Taiwan and Chubu Centrair International Airport. In order to strive to reach the goal for the targeted number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan this year and to attract group travelers in the fourth-quarter, Nagoya was specifically selected as the first stop to sprint for success. It is expected to make use of this promotion event by bringing affections through creative hand crafts and travel from local perspectives, starting from the topic of ” pearl fever”, to re-create the “Taiwan fever” tourism, boost the number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan, and reach a new peak.