Official Debut of 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival Poster Revealing Brand-New Look of “Dazzling Taichung Under Rays of Rising Sun”


“2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival” is scheduled to be held in Taichung city during Saturday, Feb 8 – Sunday Feb 23, 2020. The original exhibition area in Taichung World Flora Expo is re-designed by incorporating the local features into the festival venue, and the core design imagery for the main lantern area is “Fantastic Forest Land”. Taichung’s characteristics and innovative design are also integrated, adding dreamy and mysterious elements, creating a brand-new look of the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2.0 with Rays of Rising Sun, showcasing a new natural and sustainable lantern festival.

The Tourism Bureau of MOTC stated that the Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association Yang Jia-Zhang was invited to design the poster of the 31st Lantern Festival, taking the “Fantastic Forest Land” as the design imagery, combining local forest environment and Rays of Raising Sun, symbolizing lighting up Taiwan through the Taiwan Lantern Festival and welcoming the arrival of guests. In addition, “Rays of Rising Sun” is pronounced as “Shu Guang,” and in Mandarin, mice are pronounced as “Shu”, so the Rays of Rising Sun / or mice indicate the prospect for a better future and infinite prospects. The staggered lanterns on the tree symbolize the history and legacy of traditional lantern art, blending into a rich and diverse ecology, adding new vitality to the fantastic forest land. Not only is the significance of ecological sustainability and nature coexistence conveyed in Taiwan’s Lantern Festival, but also is the theme of 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival “Dazzling Taichung Under Rays of Rising Sun ” highlighted.

It is only six months away from next year’s “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival”. The Tourism Bureau of MOTC invites everyone to visit and appreciate the lanterns in the “Fantastic Forest Land” within Taichung Houli’s main lantern area during the Lantern Festival from February 8 to 23, 2020,to search for the fountain of life within everyone’s heart.