Message to member hotels to participate in the FloraExpo volunteers program

Taichung FloraExpo」Tour Group Volunteer recruitment program


  • FloraExpo Volunteer Service Period:

Trial Operation Period: 1st of Sep, 2018 (Sat) to 28th of Oct, 2018(Sun).

Formal Operation Period: 3rd of Nov, 2018(Sat) to 24th Apr, 2018(Wed).


  • FloraExpo Service point:

Volunteers will be allocated to one of the four exhibition venues (Houli Horse Ranch, Houli Forest Park, Fengyuan Huludun Park and Waipu Park areas) or locations appointed by mission groups.


  • Recruitment Period:

1st Stage: Group application is open from this day. Application deadline: 30th of Sep, 2017(Sat).

2nd Stage: from 1st of Oct, 2017(Sun), if mission groups were not filled during 1st stage of application then personal application will be open.


  • Training Course:

For those who have successfully registered on the「2018 Taichung FloraExpo Volunteer Integrated Service Platform」, you need to complete the following trainings to be qualified as volunteer and be allocated service slots:

  1. If you do not have the Volunteer Service Record Book yet, you need to undergo statutory training, including 12 hours of fundamental training and any other special training required by the authorities in charge (inc. 3 hours of FloraExpo related course integrated).
  2. If you already have the Volunteer Service Record Book, you still need to undergo additional 3 hours of FloraExpo training.
  3. FloraExpo volunteers need to complete field drill (pre-event training) before entering service.