Fighting Together to Promote Tourism! TTHA signed MOU with Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association


Under the Impacts of novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic, many companies have cancelled their spring parties, one after another, so major hotel and catering industry operators are facing a sharp sales decline. In order to boost confidence of the consumption market, Taichung Tourist Hotel Association (TTHA) and Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Alliance to join their efforts in promoting “2-Day City Tour” Packaged Room Promotion, so people can stay at the hotels with peace of mind while enjoying their experiences at Industry Story Halls.

TTHA and Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association jointly held their 2020 Spring Banquet in the evening of the 26th. Co-witnessed by Director-General of Tourism and Travel Bureau,Taichung City Government,Lin Shiau-Chi,and Director-General of Economic Development Bureau,Chang Feng-Yuan,Chairman of TTHA, Hiro Liao and Chairman of Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association, Wu Te-Li signed a MOU.

Lin Shiau-Chi and Chang Feng-Yuan both stated that, during the difficult epidemic prevention period, they would be happy to see private industry operators work hard hand-in-hand to develop Taichung city’s tourism and travel industries and jointly boost their confidence.

Hiro Liao, Chairman of Howard Prince Hotel Taichung, con-currently Chairman of TTHA, indicated that this wave of epidemic outbreak has severely affected the occupancy rates and catering sales performances of tourist hotels. Taking Howard Prince Hotel Taichung as an example, its average occupancy rate in February severely declined by about 50%, and its current occupancy rate is only 20%!

In order to regain their sales performances, Taichung tourist hotel industry operators have decided to take the initiative to fight back! Therefore, TTHA of 14 tourist hotel members will collaborate with Taichung City Industry Story Hall Development Association of 31 tourism factory and leisure industry members, to co-promote 2-day travel packaged tours, aiming to attract people from all over Taiwan to travel and stay in Taichung more as well as visit tourism factories on the way.

Taichung’s 14 tourist hotel operators have joined hands with 31 Taichung Industry Story Halls, including Okuma Center, Taiwan Balloons Museum, Miso Cultural Museum, Hwa Gung Tea, Princess Anne Garden, Mutou Wood Magic Carpentry Workshop, Ta Chen Fong Umbrella, Kobayashi The Finest Cookies, Carton King, Taiwan Museum of Suncake, etc., to jointly provide more diversified packaged travel tours, which are expected to boost Taichung’s tourism and leisure industries.

Taking Howard Prince Hotel Taichung as an example, the hotel currently targets on a number of tourism factories sharing similar client, mainly parent-childoriented, topackage experiential activities. Its packaged room promotion tours are expected to be in collaboration with Taiwan Balloons Museum, Taiwan Museum of Suncake, Miso Cultural Museum, and etc.; the other 13 tourist hotel operators will also launch their own packaged tours in conjunction with Industry Story Halls to create win-win and co-prosperity tourism business opportunities. – Tseng, Li-Fang