2019 Taichung Shopping Festival


Event time: July ~ August
Event Venue: All Districts of Taichung City

I. Event Period
(1) From Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 to 24:00 of Sunday, August 18th, 2019.
(2) The final invoice registration deadline is @12:00 on Sunday, August 18th. Each invoice is entitled to one registration only.
(Those who register after the deadline or submit incorrect information cannot participate. The deadline for invoice registration is based on the host time of the website system.)

II. Description of Event
[Participation Rules]

During the event period, accumulate consumption of NT$(the same applies below) 500 or more at any legally (complete company registration, business registration) registered business locations within the districts in Taichung City and obtain unified invoices or receipts, you will be entitled to registering online and participating in lucky draw; one set of lucky draw numbers for one invoice reaching NT$ 500 (two sets of lucky draw numbers for consumption over NT$1,000, the more consumption’s, the more sets of lucky draw numbers, the upper limit is 300 sets of lucky draw numbers for one single large sum purchase.)

[Registration Rules]
1. Participants must log in, register mobile number and become a member immediately then download the APP (Search “Taichung Shopping Festival” in google play store or apple store).
2. When logging in for the first time, please fill in the correct mobile phone number and ensure that the information provided or submitted is true and correct. For those who cannot be contacted due to inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information shall be deemed to have abandoned their prize-winning qualifications; and if any damage is caused to the organizer, implementation units or any other third party, the participant shall bear all relevant responsibilities
3. Online registration of invoices and receipts is required to participate in the lucky draw. Before registering the invoice / receipt, please double check that the contents and amounts of the invoice / receipt are in line with the participation rules. The receipt should indicate the items and date of purchase for prize-winning verification in the future.
4. For registration of invoices, please input the basic information, such as the invoice number (scan QR code if the unified invoice is exempted), the amount of consumption, and the unified number, then click on the confirmation button to complete the registration process.

[Additional Lucky Draw]

1. If the location of business registration is a real estate agency within the districts of Taichung City, one can participate in the “Specially Arranged House Viewing Lucky Draw”(Participating builders will be announced later on). After two actual house viewings, one can scan the exclusive QR Code and receivea serial number to participate in the lucky draw (limited to 20,000 participants, available until the it reaches the limit).
2. Log in the store’s unified number. After the system verified that the store is one of the listed preferential stores, the registered amount is tripled immediately (e.g.: NT$100 becomes NT$300).
Event URL https://www.taichungshopping.tw/