2019 Taichung Hot Springs Festival


Event Time: July ~ August
Summer is the time to dip in hot springs!

Let’s enjoy joy of body and mind by relaxing in the steamy hot springs together!

In order to promote Taichung’s hot springs, the Taichung City Government organized the event of “2019 Taichung Hot Springs Festival-Drifting in Guguan’s Hot Pot Fun”, by inviting the famous detective Conan and Kitaro to visit Guguan and have fun with everyone! It is such a rare occasion to invite all young friends from all over the world to come to Guguan for summer vacation and watch comics, enjoy wonderful hot springs, eat gourmet food, and win big prizes. The fresh air and beautiful scenery of Guguan will definitely make you enjoy yourself so much that you won’t think of returning home.

▶ ️ Important Event Information |

Promotion Campaign for Japan’s Manga Kingdom Tottori
▪Time: @11: 30-12: 00, Saturday, August 10
▪ Conan and Kitaroin Guguan for prize-winning contest and photo-taking with everyone.

Taichung Hot Spring Banquet Reality Show

▪Time: @13: 00-14: 00, Saturday, August 10
▪Famous Taiwanese chef and host of the program”Stylish Man – The Chef ” -James will be invited to cook hot spring dishes on-site with local specialties.

Free Tasting of Local Food

Saturday, August 10
@11:00 BaiLeng popsicles, indigenous cuisine
@15:30 Five-leaf pine juice, indigenous cuisine

Sunday, August 11 @ 11:00 Millet mochi

▪ Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau will cooperate with this event by providing authentic indigenous cuisine. You are invited to have a taste together.