“2019 Seminar Wisata Taiwan Untuk Muslim Indonesia” Creates the Charm of the Heart for Muslim Tourism in Taiwan Winning Good Reputations



In order to attract Muslim tourists to Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) will start organizing the “2019 Muslim Seminar” in North, Central and South parts of Taiwan from October (2019) on wards, for Taiwan’s tourism industry to jointly grasp the information of demands from Muslim tourism market and future development. The seminar in the southern region would be co-hosted by National Chiayi University and the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau of MOTC. This year, on November 19 (2019) (Tuesday), “2019 Seminar Wisata Taiwan Untuk Muslim Indonesia” was held in the conference hall of Xinmin Campus, National Chiayi University, and representatives from industries, governments, universities, and associations were invited to participate.The seminar was unveiled by participation including the Chief Secretary of the Bureau, Lin Kun-Yuan, Director ADILA of the Ministry of Tourism and Transportation of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, Fan Shuming, Deputy Director of Tourism Information Office, Chiayi City Government, Lee Hong-Wen, Dean of School of Management, National Chiayi University, Liu Ning-Yuan, President of Taiwan B & B Association, ROC, Zheng Shun-Fu, Chairman of the Taiwan Muslim Friendly Environmental Development Association, He Zhong-Jin,Secretary-General of the Taiwan Tourist Hotel Association, representatives of all counties and cities and related units in the tourism field.


The Tourism Bureau of MOTC has been working hard in terms of providing a global vision and practical experience for Muslim business opportunities in Taiwan through two-way exchanges between Taiwan and New South bound countries. A number of international experts were invited to Taiwan to attend this seminar, including: Dr. Mujidin from Ahmad Dahlan University of Indonesia, M.Si, professor of the Institute of Psychology of Ahmad Dahlan University and senior consultant at Taiwan Halal Center; Dr. Mujidinanalyzed and explained the current situations concerning Indonesian Muslims traveling abroad and the overview of Indonesian Muslims traveling to Taiwan; Mr. Arif Misbahul Mbm, an expert in Indonesia and Taiwan ’s tourism markets, promoted marketing strategies targeted at Muslim tours, and gave valuable suggestions on how to attract Indonesian Muslim tourists to Taiwan; Jimmy Lim, the regional sales professional manager of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel information platform, shared his online marketing and promotion experiences based on his past marketing background in Southeast Asia tourism and halal industry. In regards of the domestic expert, the Chairman of the International Muslim Tourism Industry Development Association (IMTIDA), Mr. Ma, Xiao-Qi, was invited to be the moderator.Mr. Ma also explained in detail the halal certification mechanism and practices of Muslim products, hotels, restaurants and friendly tourism venues in Indonesia and Taiwan. Ma Hui-Da, Director of the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau of MOTC, shared his experiences in the current creation of Muslim friendly environment in the Alishan National Scenic Area, and looked forward to improving the quality of receiving Muslim travelers and providing more friendly and mindful services to satisfy the Muslim customer group’s needs and expectations, for every Muslim traveler in Taiwan to have a profound impression and leave a good reputation behind, making Taiwan one of the top countries for Muslim travelers’ international travel.